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How Nine Things Will Change The Way You Approach Y88

por Abbey Villalobos (2020-04-26)

Tibia Ordering a Single Premium Time Period
Single premium routines are not extended automatically. If your premium time finishes, the related account is placed to free status and the additional premium features are suspended. It is recommended that you always order new premium time in time to avoid problems for example lost houses.To order one particular premium time period, simply log to your account page and click "Add Premium Time" in the billing information section.Order TypeOn this page you must select in order to order just one premium period of time or set up a regular membership. Tick the button for "Single Payment" to order an individual premium time frame.Payment MethodHere you can select if you need to cover via bank transfer or credit card. At the moment you'll be able to make a choice from Visa, MasterCard and American Express. French players have the additional choice to cover with Carte Bleue. Players that will prefer to use another payment method, should select "other methods" which will bring about orders via our payment partner element 5 where other payment methods can be purchased.Order DataCredit card selected as payment method:On the top with the page you should choose if you want to order premium time for 30 and 90 days. Next enter number and expiry date of the credit card. Then you are inspired to enter the verification code. If you don't understand what to enter there, please click "info". Finally go into the name of the card holder as it is written on the charge card. However, special characters including "�", �, or l are not accepted. Please replace these with common letters (e.g. �=ae; �=e; l=l;).Next you are inspired to enter specific information in addition to your street address, postal code, city, country, and email. Click on "Continue" when you have entered all data.Bank transfer selected as payment method:On the top with the page you need to choose if you need to order premium time for 90, 180 and 360 days. Next you are asked to enter specific information together with your name, street address, postal code, city, country, and email address contact information. However, special characters like "�", �, or l are not accepted. Please replace them with common letters (e.g. �=ae; �=e; l=l;). Click on "Continue" once you have entered all data.VerificationOn these pages, you should check for those who have entered all data correctly. For security reasons exactly the last 4 numbers of one's plastic card number are displayed. If you find all data to become correct, you have to accept the Extended Tibia Service Agreement and the Tibia Privacy Policy by checking the related box. Clicking on "Submit" will finalise your order. Order ResultCredit card selected as payment method:On this final page, you'll be able to see in case your order may be successful. You will obtain the reference number of your respective order. Also, you will get the info via email. If the premium time is not available immediately, remember to not start another make an effort to order premium time, otherwise you might get 2 premium periods of time you have to spend. Please allow some time until your premium time arrives. Note that it will take as much as three days until your payment has been verified. Finally, please be aware down the order reference number as you will demand it if you have a request concerning your order.Bank transfer selected as payment method:On this final page, it is possible to see should your order may be successful. You will have the reference number of one's order, the payment details, as well as the payment identification. The payment identification has to be included as reason behind the payment in any case. Without this identification the processing of one's payment will be delayed or might be , you will get all the data via email, Y88 or will be them up in the billing information section of one's account page if you never have paid or canelled the order. Note that you are unable to order further premium time providing you come with an unpaid order in your.