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Sex, Drugs And Research—review Probes The World Of 'chemsex'

por Kara Cota (2020-05-11)


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This air mattress has hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon, but Fakespot gives its listing it a "D" grade, which suggests that its rating may be less stellar in real-life. The company says it also provides 24-hour customer support, though many of the unflattering reviews cite customer service communication woes. AirExpect says that this mattress is 19 inches tall. One nice touch: Besides the integrated pump controls, the AirExpect AirBed has a plastic valve that you can open to deflate the mattress more quickly. Also, in a pinch, if you find yourself without power, you can use the valve -- and a pump (not included) -- to inflate the bed. AirExpect's AirBed has a built-in electric pump that's loud but fast and powerful. The Beautyrest Hi Loft comes equipped with a plug-in electric pump that screws on to the body of the mattress. The sleep system includes an insulated air mattress, a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a quilted comforter and, somewhat surprisingly, given the price, a hand pump.